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Painting as a form of fine arts

Posted by on Nov, 2011 in Art | Comments Off on Painting as a form of fine arts

If we study old paintings and their histories, we would be surprised by some of their aspects. As an example, consider the painting at Grotte Chauvet in France. It is regarded as one of the oldest paintings and is almost 32,000 years old. It was done with red ochre and black pigments. And amazingly, the color has still not faded away. It clearly displays a rhinoceros, horse, buffalo and mammoth. Painting is one of the forms of fine arts. It is an expression of the painter’s view of the subject. The painter brings out his/her perspective, into focus with the help of lines, colors and shades. Color combinations are many times, unique to the identity of the artist. Why is painting a form of fine arts? Why is painting regarded as a form of fine arts? The answer is...

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Fine Arts in Modern Life

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Modern life is a melting pot of human cultures; add to that the influence of globalization and capitalism. The emotions associated with modern life are highly refined yet they are difficult to express. Fine arts provide the channel which helps express these complex emotions of modern life. There are certain distinctive features of the modern form of fine arts. They are the following: Mainly Abstract: The modern form of fine arts is largely abstract. Modern day emotions can be expressed well with the help of abstract paintings or images. These abstract works of art characteristically refer to multiple viewpoints and emotions at the same time. The modern world, where the flux always converges, can be best represented by overlapping colors. This is why abstract forms of painting have become very popular all over the world. Dance Forms: The modern...

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Film as a form of fine arts:

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The concept of fine arts is wide and open. Filmmaking is generally associated with drama, choreography, actors and actresses. It is a process of telling a story with the help of visuals, beginning with an initial idea or a script. Film making involves a lot of preparation, without which a film would be a meaningless compendium of images and sound. A large number of advanced technologies are involved in the process. Many people consider film making to be a complete art, because it uses visuals as well as sound. Probably that’s why films are the most popular form of arts, all over the world. The process of filmmaking involves many different steps, they are as follows: Step 1- development: This is the first step of filmmaking, which involves writing of the script. The script is written in such a...

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Dance as a form of fine arts:

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Dance is a form of performing arts which is based upon the creative and rhythmic movements of the body. Generally dancing is accompanied by rhythmic background music. Various expressions relevant to the subject of the dance are conveyed through facial expressions or limb movement. Dance, in older days was a form of expression between humans and animals. It was and still is a type of non verbal communication. Nowadays, synchronized forms of any performing arts like swimming, karate, gymnastics and even skating and sports are regarded as forms of dance. Dance can only be defined while considering social, cultural, aesthetic, artistic and moral aspects of the society in which it is performed. It can be participatory, public or performed for spectators. Dance can also be ceremonial or even erotic. In some forms of dance, there is no meaning as...

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Assessing your talent for fine arts

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Talent is inborn. It is the special ability in a person, which is a gift of god that an individual cannot create on his own. It surfaces with the help of interest, practice and discipline. You can assess your abilities related to fine arts with the help of the following tips: Tip1 What sort of person are you?   There are two kinds of people. One is creative and the other is technically oriented. If you have a certain romanticism within you, then you may have the talent, which would help you become successful in the field of fine arts. The romantic aptitude is a virtue, by means of which, you can redefine natural elements, with the colors of your imagination. Every single object in this universe is colorful, but these colors are not perceived in the same way...

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