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3 Ingenious Ways to Save Money on Your Chicago Wedding Reception

Posted by on Feb, 2021 in Wedding | Comments Off on 3 Ingenious Ways to Save Money on Your Chicago Wedding Reception

When you’re planning your wedding reception in the Chicago suburbs, keeping costs low can help you do more with a limited budget. However, you don’t want it to seem as though you’re trying to cut corners, so you will need to be creative in how you save. Scheduling your wedding for the fall or winter will help you benefit from off-season prices, and here are a few more ways to save. Create a Less Costly Menu Offering prime rib and lobster may make your event memorable, but it will also drain a much larger share of your budget. Look for less expensive menu options. For example, if you plan an early morning wedding, your reception can offer breakfast and brunch options. You can also choose a Mediterranean menu that will be cheaper and healthier. Don’t Hire a Professional DJ...

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What To Consider When Hiring a Female Vocalist

Posted by on Feb, 2021 in Music | Comments Off on What To Consider When Hiring a Female Vocalist

If you are hosting an extravagant event, what better way to set the tone than with a live performance. While most people typically hire bands to play at their wedding or other functions, if you want to really wow your guests, you should consider hiring a female vocalist. If you have never hired a professional singer before, here are some tips to help you out. Ask About Their Preferred Musical Genre The more passionate a person is about something, the better they will typically perform. If you hire a singer that performs mostly ballads, they might not do as well if you have them perform a pop song. If you want the best performance out of your vocalist, choose someone who is comfortable and experienced with performing the musical style you’re requesting. Look for Stage Presence Before hiring anyone...

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