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Has the Time Come to Buy Gorgeous Art Paintings for Your Home?

Posted by on Aug, 2018 in Art | Comments Off on Has the Time Come to Buy Gorgeous Art Paintings for Your Home?

Whether you are a new homeowner or someone who’s decided to reinvent your home, when the time comes to buy gorgeous art paintings, you’re opening yourself to a great way of bringing out the personality your home has been hiding. Artwork allows you to express yourself, while also opening your world to the vision of an artist who has worked hard to let you into their world. With the right pieces of art, your home will tell its own story and be the talk of friends and family for years to come. You’ll Know It When You See It One thing most people don’t realize about choosing art paintings for your home is the fact you’ll know when you see the right piece. Whether you are shopping for art to adorn your living room, bedroom or dining area, the...

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Plays In Chicago-You Have Not Seen Anything Like This!

Posted by on Aug, 2016 in Art | Comments Off on Plays In Chicago-You Have Not Seen Anything Like This!

Plays in Chicago are fun but frankly if you have seen one play, you know the routine. Sit, watch, intermission, sit some more, ending, of course it is not a bad thing to see a play but when you are ready for something that is a little outside the box of your average stage show there is something that you have to see. Improv Makes a Difference Sometimes the average theater experience just does not cut it when it comes to the wow factor. You need a little something extra to make the show memorable. The improv does just that. Whether you are watching a play about the history of one of the most famous improv clubs on the planet or you are attending a cutting edge performance that is sans political correctness by the Thomas Brothers the wow...

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Bridging the Gap Between the Audience and the Broadway Shows

Posted by on Jan, 2014 in Art | Comments Off on Bridging the Gap Between the Audience and the Broadway Shows

What is art? It is a question asked just about every day from people contemplating a vast assortment of mediums and types of entertainment. They ask the question to determine where the line is between art and entertainment, and if it even matters at all. Fortunately, everyone has an opinion. It makes the world interesting. Anyone has the right to judge a specific piece of music, performance event, or book for what they consider quality, but critics have opinions as well, and they are often valued for a variety of reasons. The best critics use objective concepts to fuel a subjective opinion. They do not argue against but simply state what is happening and why they believe the way they do. Broadway is rife with people of all backgrounds and with all sorts of opinions. Performance art is often...

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Peers And Patrons broadway theatre show reviews

Posted by on Oct, 2013 in Art | Comments Off on Peers And Patrons broadway theatre show reviews

Lights, camera, action! Broadway theatrical productions are some of the best dramatic performances you will ever experience. Breathtaking performances draw crowds of thousands upon thousands to New York to be a part of magnificently directed plays and shows of all kinds that bring magic to life on a single stage. Theaters have entertained the masses for thousands of years, enhancing the arts and offering many great times. In the modern age, we are fortunate enough to enjoy an advanced information age allowing broadway theatre show reviews to give us a tiny taste of up and coming Broadway productions. Having access to broadway theatre show reviews are a great directive tool to utilize which shows we may enjoy as well as which shows are receiving rave reviews and kudos. Word of mouth and audience reviews open a new door through...

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New York Broadway Show Reviews Where Your Voice Can be Heard

Posted by on Oct, 2013 in Art | Comments Off on New York Broadway Show Reviews Where Your Voice Can be Heard

It happens more often than we’d like to think; we spend our hard-earned money to get tickets to that Broadway show that the critics are raving about, only to come home disappointed and decidedly not entertained. We sometimes wonder what show the critics were watching, because our experience was the polar opposite of theirs. The other side of that coin is equally frustrating; we find a show we truly love and we tell our friends and co-workers about it, but the critics pan it and it closes before they even have a chance to check it out. Reviews of New York Broadway show by professional critics aren’t always on the same page as the rest of the audience. Well, there is a remedy for that and you can become part of it. What is needed is an online forum...

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Searching for Modern Still Life Paintings

Posted by on Jul, 2013 in Art | Comments Off on Searching for Modern Still Life Paintings

Do you love art? Many people love art for it’s beauty and it’s value. Art can be anything from a simple painting, or a complex display of human emotions and opinion. Much of the history of a culture can be traced back to its art, making art a very important part of the overall human identity. When people begin to collect art pieces and display them in their home, they will tend to try to get art that is all of the same style. There are many different styles of art, as each culture and each generation create their own forms of it, so finding a styles that fits and looks good in your home is very important. One style of painting that is becoming popular are the Modern Still Life Paintings. Modern Still Life Art Paintings are a...

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