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Why You Should Get a Masters Degree in Textiles to Advance Your Career

Posted by on Jan, 2021 in Art | Comments Off on Why You Should Get a Masters Degree in Textiles to Advance Your Career

Some people have heard about textile design, but don’t really understand what it is about. Maybe you have seen this type of degree program in a college catalog at some point. If it sounded even remotely interesting, you should consider enrolling in a program leading to a master in textile. This type of degree will help you become a textile designer in the near future. Participate in Change Those who want a career that will make real change in the world should seriously think about a master in textile. These professionals are finding it necessary to come up with new ideas for sustainable textiles and fashion. Use your expertise to incorporate eco-friendly materials into new products. In this sense, you’ll be able to help potential customers, and the world at large. A Look at the Skills You can acquire...

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What to Expect from Today’s Impressive Journalism Grad Programs

Posted by on Sep, 2020 in Art | Comments Off on What to Expect from Today’s Impressive Journalism Grad Programs

Chicago has long been a mecca of culture and fine arts programs that draw students from all around the globe. More students are considering grad school to earn their journalism degree. Here’s what to expect from modern-day impressive journalism grad programs found right here in the Chicago. Get Topnotch Education with Leading Successful Instructors & Mentors Students today appreciate an authentic learning environment that gives them opportunities to learn from the best. One fine arts school located in the very heart of the vibrant city of Chicago offers everything needed to be successful in your chosen field of study. Get topnotch education from leading successful instructors and various mentors included in an amazing curriculum that includes lots of hands-on and personal real-time intern opportunities. The journalism grad programs here are second to none. Learn In State-of-the-Art Facilities & Have...

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How the Right Industrial Design Graduate Program Can Boost Your Career

Posted by on Jun, 2020 in Art | Comments Off on How the Right Industrial Design Graduate Program Can Boost Your Career

If you’re considering entering the competitive world of industrial design, then it’s critical that you get the knowledge, skills, and connections you will need to have a successful career later on while you are still in college. Take your time when choosing among industrial design graduate programs because it’s important to select the right one. Advantages of an advanced degree Whether you want to design cell phones or bicycles, there are principles and concepts that are fundamental to the design process, and the best way to learn these is through an advanced course of study. Furthermore, the consumer industry is highly regulated, and an advanced degree will give you a sense of how to meet safety, environmental and other regulations that pertain to creating a product and putting it on the market. Furthermore, there are many jobs that are...

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Begin Graduate School With Us

Posted by on Mar, 2019 in Art | Comments Off on Begin Graduate School With Us

Whether you already have a bachelor’s degree in the arts or design or your bachelor’s degree is in a related field, our master in design degree is an ideal next step for advancing your knowledge and your career. A master’s of design degree could be a great solution if your background is in business, human relations, the arts, music or many other fields of expertise. The design classes will facilitate your independencemaster in design degree and allow you to set up your own path to a personally and professionally satisfying career. Our program includes in-depth classes that explore many design topics. We include science, history, and theory of design in order to give you a comprehensive background. From there, you will take classes that interest you in the area of design. Some of the classes include topics around LEED...

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How Can I Select The Right Fine Arts College?

Posted by on Jan, 2019 in Art | Comments Off on How Can I Select The Right Fine Arts College?

If you’ve developed and nurtured a deep passion for a field such as poetry, history, or ceramics, you may have recently decided that attaining an education in your field of choice is imperative. Once you’ve made this decision, it’s important to begin researching fine art colleges to ensure that you can select the one that is ideal for you. Read on to learn how you can optimize and expedite your search process: 1. Search For Fine Art Colleges Via Internet. One of the best ways to speed up the process of locating the right fine art college is by taking your search online. Because of the internet, people can enter a relevant keyword and start doing their own research on business websites within a matter of minutes. If you live in Atlanta, GA, you might use a key phrase...

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Has the Time Come to Buy Gorgeous Art Paintings for Your Home?

Posted by on Aug, 2018 in Art | Comments Off on Has the Time Come to Buy Gorgeous Art Paintings for Your Home?

Whether you are a new homeowner or someone who’s decided to reinvent your home, when the time comes to buy gorgeous art paintings, you’re opening yourself to a great way of bringing out the personality your home has been hiding. Artwork allows you to express yourself, while also opening your world to the vision of an artist who has worked hard to let you into their world. With the right pieces of art, your home will tell its own story and be the talk of friends and family for years to come. You’ll Know It When You See It One thing most people don’t realize about choosing art paintings for your home is the fact you’ll know when you see the right piece. Whether you are shopping for art to adorn your living room, bedroom or dining area, the...

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