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Dance as a form of fine arts:

Posted by on Nov, 2011 in Dance | Comments Off on Dance as a form of fine arts:

Dance is a form of performing arts which is based upon the creative and rhythmic movements of the body. Generally dancing is accompanied by rhythmic background music. Various expressions relevant to the subject of the dance are conveyed through facial expressions or limb movement. Dance, in older days was a form of expression between humans and animals. It was and still is a type of non verbal communication. Nowadays, synchronized forms of any performing arts like swimming, karate, gymnastics and even skating and sports are regarded as forms of dance. Dance can only be defined while considering social, cultural, aesthetic, artistic and moral aspects of the society in which it is performed. It can be participatory, public or performed for spectators. Dance can also be ceremonial or even erotic. In some forms of dance, there is no meaning as...

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