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Tips for Planning a Relaxing Staycation for Your Husband

Posted by on Dec, 2018 in Wedding | Comments Off on Tips for Planning a Relaxing Staycation for Your Husband

In order to maintain a beautiful marriage, it’s wise to intentionally create magical experiences. It’s a great way to show your love for one another. In this case, you’ll have the awesome opportunity to put a smile on your husband’s face by planning an awesome staycation. He can take some tips from this list, when planning a special time for you too. As you plan, remember these tips. 1. Make it about him. While it would be nice to plan a staycation for yourself, remember that this is for him. Whether it’s his birthday or an opportunity for him to relax after a stressful season at work, make it about him. Don’t assume that he’ll like to go shopping for new pairs of pumps. That’s your idea of a great time. In order to make sure that you accurately...

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Looking for Fun? Why Not Host a Glamour Girl Party?

Posted by on Dec, 2018 in Entertainment | Comments Off on Looking for Fun? Why Not Host a Glamour Girl Party?

Parties are fun, but the same old parties soon become predictable and boring. If you are planning a glamour girl party, why not plan something totally different? A glamour girl party in Bergen NJ “on wheels” is very different; it provides an atmosphere that you cannot duplicate in your home. Throw Your Party in a Glamorous Lounge Atmosphere Glamour girl parties are ideal for girls between 5 and 15. Without any effort on your part, you can create a special event for your little girl complete with hair styling, a mini-manicure and a host of fun and exciting things to do including arts and crafts, video games, movies, karaoke, and much more. For the full duration of the party, your daughter and her friends will be able to party like rock stars. A glamour girl party will long be...

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The Sensuous Sound of Female Jazz Vocalists

Posted by on Dec, 2018 in Music | Comments Off on The Sensuous Sound of Female Jazz Vocalists

Nothing beats the sensuous sound of female vocalists in Los Angeles that sing jazz. Sylvia Brooks is a critically acclaimed jazz artist that has released three albums of sensuous jazz-noir. Her sound is remnant of urban nightscapes full of deep shadows, crooked deals and tough guys. However, being typecast is not something any artist desires and Brooks is no different. She has also released a sound that is full of light and a narrative that truly reveals all of Brooks’ talent. Her talent has enabled her to collaborate with a vast array of Los Angeles arrangers that are brilliantly talented too. The Birth of a Jazz Star Sylvia Brooks was born as well as raised in Miami, Florida. Her father, the famous arranger/pianist Don Ippolito, was a premier player who performed with the likes of Peggy Lee, Buddy Rich,...

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