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Tips For Working With A Charleston Wedding Photographer

Posted by on Jan, 2021 in Photography | Comments Off on Tips For Working With A Charleston Wedding Photographer

Getting married is by far one of the biggest and most important days in a person’s life. Having a professional photographer there to capture those special moments can be well worth it. However, everyone knows someone with a photography horror story. There are tips people can follow to ensure they end up with photographs they can love and cherish for years to come. Asking for recommendations for a photographer from family and friends is a good way for people to find someone to hire to take photographs on their special day. Arranging to have the photographer selected take engagement photos can help people decide if the photographer will truly be a good fit. Having the opportunity to interact with the photographer and the fact they’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the bride and groom before the big...

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How to prepare for your headshots

Posted by on Jun, 2015 in Photography | Comments Off on How to prepare for your headshots

Headshots are items that can help get you jobs in the professional market.  If you are an actor, dancer, model or any number of other things, you will need headshots to help get your foot in the door.  Before you get your professional headshots taken, you will want to do some preparation work. Before you get your headshots taken, make sure you examine your face, hair, and eyebrows to see if any minor adjustments need to be made.  You need to look your best and that might mean plucking your eyebrows or trimming your hair.  If you plan to do any hair removal or waxing, make sure you do so 2-3 days in advance so you do not have any redness or irritation showing on your skin. The focus of the picture will likely be your face, but make...

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Investing in Memories

Posted by on Sep, 2012 in Photography | Comments Off on Investing in Memories

There is no doubt that weddings today are expensive. In Austin, the average wedding can be as expensive as 27,000 dollars. Not everyone has this kind of money to spend on a celebration, but weddings are still important. They are special moments that commemorate the start of a new life, when two people start a new family together. This raises the question of what kinds of things should be prioritized when thinking about throwing a wedding together on a budget. Many people might think of the cake or venue, but quality wedding photography can be one of the most important investments a bride and groom can make. Wedding photography is defined by high quality pictures taken by a professional photographer, often someone who specializes in important events like weddings. People in Austin who specialize in wedding photography often have...

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