Choosing an Affordable and Beautiful Place to Hold Your Wedding Ceremony

by | Jun 28, 2019 | Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a major undertaking that requires you to pay attention to every detail. Along with choosing a caterer, someone to make your wedding cake, and finding a dress or tuxedo, you also have to think about where you would like the actual ceremony to be held.

When you do not plan to have it in a church or temple, you may want to look at other wedding venues near Lake Geneva, WI. Before you select the perfect place for your wedding, you may need to keep some tips in mind to ensure your venue meets or exceeds your expectations.

One of your main concerns may involve fitting all of the people who you plan to invite in one space. If you are prepared to invite several hundred people to your wedding, you may need one of the wedding venues near Lake Geneva, WI, that is larger than a gazebo or shelter house in a local park, for example. You may even need more space than what you could find in a small non-denominational chapel.

Along with finding a space big enough, you likewise have to reserve a place that you can actually afford. Some churches charge hundreds of dollars just to reserve the sanctuary for the day. You also have to handle tasks like setting up the decorations and tearing them down after the wedding.

Instead, you may prefer to reserve a banquet hall or conference room at a place like a country club. Especially if you or someone in your family is a member, you might find this type of venue to be more affordable. You also may be able to reserve it for as long as you wish during the day. Find out more about the venue at Abbey Springs Country Club.

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