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The Sensuous Sound of Female Jazz Vocalists

The Sensuous Sound of Female Jazz Vocalists

Nothing beats the sensuous sound of female vocalists in Los Angeles that sing jazz. Sylvia Brooks is a critically acclaimed jazz artist that has released three albums of sensuous jazz-noir. Her sound is remnant of urban nightscapes full of deep shadows, crooked deals and tough guys. However, being typecast is not something any artist desires and Brooks is no different. She has also released a sound that is full of light and a narrative that truly reveals all of Brooks’ talent. Her talent has enabled her to collaborate with a vast array of Los Angeles arrangers that are brilliantly talented too.

The Birth of a Jazz Star

Sylvia Brooks was born as well as raised in Miami, Florida. Her father, the famous arranger/pianist Don Ippolito, was a premier player who performed with the likes of Peggy Lee, Buddy Rich, Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie and Sarah Vaughan. Johanna Dordick, her mother, was a conservatory-trained opera singer who sang pop tunes as well as standards at resorts and East Coast night clubs. She also founded the Los Angeles Opera Theater in the year 1978. Needless to say, Brooks has an extraordinarily rich musical-heritage that makes it easy to see how become a jazz singer became her initial calling.

Sylvia Brooks Knows No Limits

No entertainer wants to be put in a particular niche. Sylvia Brooks knows no limits and has been expanding her jazz repertoire with great success. Exploring differing musical styles is something she loves doing, bringing her desire to introduce big band swing, Latin influenced music and rich ballads into her selection of music to perform.

Fall in Love with Brooks’ Dazzling Voice

Sylvia Brooks’ voice has been described as velvet-rich, sensuous and sumptuous. Her talent cannot be confined to any particular sound, however. With a creative set of writers behind her, Brooks has embarked upon bespoke tunes that have been specifically created for her particular voice. She is definitely a jazz artist you want to continue to follow.

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