Choosing the Top Art Schools in the US is the Best Option

by | Dec 7, 2017 | Arts and Entertainment

When you are considering which art school to apply to, don’t undersell yourself, apply to the top art school in the US because in the end it will make a difference. There are art schools and then there are ART SCHOOLS. The latter is the group of schools that command attention, that is respected and that makes employers and others sit up and take notice. You want to get into one of the top art schools in the US if you want to have a serious art career.

The Best

There are a few qualities that you should look for to determine which of the best, is the best. Getting your formal education in art is one of the best ways to take your raw talent and turn it into a career. There are so many things to learn and experience regardless of what your chosen art is, that is nearly impossible to learn any other way but in a school, that specializes in the arts. Finding the best of the best starts with looking at:

* The success of the alumni
* The professor to student ratio
* The history of the school
* The accreditation of the school
* The reputation of the school

All the above combine to create a school that you want to attend. Successful alumni help to create a positive reputation. The size of the classes also is an important factor in determining if the school can interact with students that makes a school best. The history of the school, how long has it been in operation, has it always had a good reputation and other historical evidence is an indicator.

Everyone Agrees

There is one art school that always gets the stand out attention that it deserves, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago! It is clearly one of the best.

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