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How to Find Online TV Streaming Providers

Live TV streaming services are a growing alternative to the traditional cable TV. According to the Pew Research Center, just over 60% of those aged 18-29 say the primary way they view television programs is via online TV streaming providers. Other age groups are less likely to these kinds of services. More people now than ever are cutting the cord of their cable TV subscriptions and switching over to online TV streaming providers.

What is Online Streaming?

Streaming is a popular kind of technology used to send different types of content to computers and other electronic devices. The data is sent over the internet. There are no cable cords involved in the process. It usually transmits audio and video but can also transmit other data as well. It transmits in a continuous steady flow, allowing the recipient uninterrupted content. It is a relatively new kind of way to receive content.

Where Can I Find a Provider?

Sometime in the very near future, the cable box will be a relic much like the rotary phone. A streaming subscription accessed through your app on your phone, TV or other electronic device is a viable, reliable replacement. There are many great options for online TV streaming providers. Popular ones are Direct TV Now, Hulu with Live TV and Premier Stream TV.

What should I look for?

Many out there are looking for more options when it comes to streaming service providers that offer a variety of channels and titles to have a top-notch viewing experience. If you are in the market for an online TV streaming provider, here is a great shopping list to take into consideration:

  • Does the service provider offer the channels you absolutely must have?
  • Are the channels in your local area available? Can you use an antenna if they are not?
  • Is the cloud DVR any good?
  • Is the interface user-friendly for browsing?

The tides are shifting for the cable TV industry, and the change is coming a lot faster than anyone could’ve imagined. Over one million homes have already cut the cord, and that trend is not going to slow down. Are you thinking of making the switch? Are you currently looking for a provider?

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