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Jazz Vocalists: Tips From The Greats

Jazz Vocalists: Tips From The Greats

13442475_lHave you ever longed to have a similar musical style to that of the greats? Do Billie Holiday’s notes make your soul shiver? Does Nat King Cole inspire you to keep learning more about music even on your most discouraging days? If so, then you can pull up a seat and feel welcome among the very large number of people who aspire to similar goals. Take a look at the information below to pick up a few tips and tricks of the jazz trade so you can identify yourself with the greatest jazz vocalists of all time.

Listen, Listen, and Listen Again
Many people are surprised by how simple the most important piece of advice is when it comes to honing your jazz vocal skills. Are you ready for this? Listen. Listening to the greats is a great way to begin practicing for your career as a potential expert in the field of jazz. Listen to Louis Armstrong hit signature notes until you can hear them in your sleep. Let Ella Fitzgerald’s voice accompany your daily activities. Your ears, your voice, and your brain are all related in a powerful way. The more you engrain important techniques and expert vocals into your ears and mind, the more able you will be to replicate jazz vocalists. Grab your iPod and start jamming out.

Visit The Music Store
Music stores often offer beginning songbooks for individuals just like you. If you do not feel comfortable picking up a music book jam-packed with hard-to-understand symbols and notations, then head over to the beginner section. You are sure to find a music book, which both piques your interest and falls within your level of musical experience. Do not be afraid to ask the music store employees for help. Their job is to help you find what you need to enhance your musical endeavors. Jazz vocalists of any expertise can find good material in a reputable music store.

Determine Your Key
Most musical artists have a characteristic key – a key signature they are most comfortable with. As you probably well know by now, different jazz vocalists have different ranges in which their voices perform to the best of their abilities. For instance, a person may feel more comfortable in the key of C than in the key of F. Find out which key most suits your voice in order to cash in on your natural talent.

Keep these tips in mind in order to feed your interest in jazz music or enhance your natural talent. Even great jazz vocalists start as beginners. Put your amateur shyness aside and start pursuing your musical dreams by listening to the greats, acquiring appropriate resources, and determining your signature key.

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