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LOL Memes Can Make You Smile

LOL Memes can be found all over the internet on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Redditt and Instagram. They have become increasingly popular as a means to make people smile and bring them laughter and joy throughout their busy day. LOL Memes seem to have popped up and become very popular overnight so what exactly are they?

How to Pronounce LOL Memes?

Before we talk about what a LOL Meme is lets first figure out the proper way to pronounce it. There are two different ways that people pronounce the word. Some people say it so that it rhymes with ‘steam’ while other people pronounce it to sound like ‘mem’ as in the beginning of the word memorable. How you pronounce it is up to you.

What is a LOL Meme?

A LOL Meme is a concept or piece of media that is spread through the media most often through social media sites. It may be a catchphrase or a funny quote that spreads from person to person. LOL Meme can come in many different forms such as a picture, hyperlink, website, hashtag or video. LOL Memes can be shared on social media sites, blogs and even in news sources.

LOL Memes for Every Occasion

LOL Memes can be found for any occasion or topic. If it is funny it can be made into a LOL Meme. Many people will take a funny picture or series of pictures from a movie or popular TV show and turn those into LOL memes. People often enjoy seeing their favorite actors and actresses from movies and TV saying things that are totally different from that the actual character said. One example of this can be seen in a popular LOL meme featuring the actor who plays Boromir in the movie the Lord of the Rings.  There is another popular LOL Meme that features a cute baby boy making a fist. Some of the most popular and funniest LOL Memes are the ones that have animals in them.

Websites Where You Can Make Your Own LOL Memes

There are many websites now that will let you make your own LOL meme using images pre-selected by them. You simple add the words that you want to make the image funny or create your own LOL meme. Some sites will allow you to add your own picture and a caption to make your own LOL memes.

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