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The Advantages of Becoming a Full Member of an Exclusive Country Club

The Advantages of Becoming a Full Member of an Exclusive Country Club

As a golf enthusiast, you make it a point to get out the links as often as possible. You look forward to hitting the green every weekend and whenever else your schedule allows.

When you want to avoid paying green fees at public parks, you can enjoy as many games as you like when you join a Lake Geneva, WI, golf club. Along with getting to play golf whenever you want, you can also enjoy other perks that are available exclusively to members.

Inclusive Dining

After a few rounds of golf, you are ready to quell the appetite that you worked up on the links. Rather than go out to a fast-food restaurant or a nearby cafe, you can sit down and eat one of the three meals served to members of the Lake Geneva, WI, golf club.

The club prepares and offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of the week. On the weekends, you can also enjoy brunch.

Access to the club’s dining facilities is included with the price of your membership. Depending on the level of your membership, you also can bring family members or friends to join you on occasion.

Facilities Rental

As a paid member of the club, you also have access to facilities like the banquet hall that the club offers. You can reserve these facilities for your own private celebrations and events like weddings, anniversary parties, and meetings. As a member, you would be given priority for reservations over members of the public who do not belong to the club.

Joining a golf club offers benefits that you cannot find when you play golf at a public park. You can find out more about the benefits of joining one of these clubs online. Contact Abbey Springs Country Club for information.

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