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Outdoor Events Venue With One-Stop Convenience for Special Occasions

Outdoor Events Venue With One-Stop Convenience for Special Occasions

Planning your wedding or special event in the suburbs of Chicago does not have to be complicated or overwhelming. The area is teeming with interesting locations, iconic scenery, and a lively epicurean scene. You can make an afternoon out of touring potential locations to host your birthday, baby shower, anniversary vow renewals, or something else. There are various options out there, from hotels to venue halls to country clubs who can take care of as much or as little as you wish.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Close to Everything

If you’re looking for a centralized location, a wedding reception near Logan Square is close to everything the city has to offer. The neighborhood of Logan Square is known for greystone buildings and mature tree-lined streets. There is also a noteworthy collection of hip coffee shops, neighborhood delis, music venues boasting new talent and art galleries full of culture and flare. It’s a great neighborhood for out-of-town guests to explore on their own and to get a feel for the windy city away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown area. This outdoor wedding venue is not far from the unique neighborhoods of Chicago.

From hotels to country clubs, you’ll find various venue options for your wedding reception in this neighborhood. Both options have the convenience of providing a consolidated one-stop shop for all your wedding reception needs. Different equipment is available, such as tables and chairs, on-site catering to building a custom menu that represents your story and a fully stocked bar to keep your reception going. Once you find your preferred location, make an appointment to speak with a catering manager so that you can get a list of options and preferred vendors such as DJs, florists, wedding officiants, and more. You don’t have to be a member to book your reception at a country club, and you can work with staff to build a custom event with your personal touches and embellishments.

To book your appointment and to begin planning your wedding reception near Logan Square, call Carriage Greens Country Club today.

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