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The Art of Journalism, Seek out Grad Programs

The Art of Journalism, Seek out Grad Programs

The art of journalism is all around you on a daily basis. There are many that may think it is not as relevant today. The fact is that it is just changing in many ways. It is still alive and well. Paper copies of newspapers still exist, and many still cherish their Sunday morning coffee with a good read. Grad programs help students learn how to get that perfect story. There are many online avenues for sharing news and even television. The written word is still relevant and can be incredibly interesting.


Journalists share one thing in common. They are extremely curious about the world around them. These are the people that spent their childhoods fabricating a family newsletter or interviewing their siblings. People with journalist tendencies also tend to get excited over any and all news. They can find a story in anything. While friends may wish you would get out of their business, news outlets may cherish your curiosity.

Writing it Up

Journalism today can come in many forms. We often tune into social media or a quick clip of the news as we get ready for the day. This often leaves the written word on the back burner. It is important to realize that words are still relevant to journalism. A well-written story can bring people to tears or promote action. Journalists know what people want to hear, as well as what they need to hear. Beautiful and efficient organization of words is an incredible gift.

We might never know what is going on in the world if not for the curiosity of journalists. They get out there and find out what is going on. They then write it up in a way we can relate.

Journalism is an active career choice. Grad programs are available at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago or online at  

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