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The Audio System Installation Process

The Audio System Installation Process

New high-tech audio equipment makes it easier than ever to get a whole-house audio system installed. Piping music into every room is not that difficult if you know what you are doing. Thanks to the more sophisticated systems, homeowners can get a complete home audio system installed for a modest price.

Audio designers work with homeowners to develop and install home audio systems. With audio designers from SoundsGood Entertainment, your audio system’s installation in Salt Lake City is in good hands.

Design Process

When speaking with an audio designer, they will begin with a consultation and an assessment of your home. This will determine what wired or wireless equipment you already have in place and what needs to be added. Modifications and additions will be required to make your sound system easy to use and enjoyable by the whole family.


Once the designers have an idea of what you want it is time to start thinking about the equipment. The integration of speakers, keypads, distribution modules, distribution hubs, control boxes, and receivers should look natural in each room and not stick out like a sore thumb.


With careful planning, the installation can be a pretty straightforward process and designed to minimize any disruptions to your household. The audio system will be tested to ensure it is completely functional and works will all equipment including control panels and smartphones.

All the systems will require proper wiring form each speaker to the equipment. Way to run wire are in the attic, under the home, through the walls, under carpet, etc. Some installations may require drywall repair. Speakers are install either in-ceiling or on surface mounts that attach to a box style speaker. Special housings, and materials can hide speakers.

SoundsGood Entertainment spends time to program and calibrate the systems to fit the families lifestyles.

Also, once your system is up and running, you will be trained on how to use the equipment properly. While most audio systems are user-friendly, it helps to have a technician walk through the operation of the equipment.

Depending on your audio needs, you may require a sound system for one room or multiple zones. Whatever you are hoping to accomplish, an audio designer can help you design a system that works perfectly for you.

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