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Tips for Planning a Relaxing Staycation for Your Husband

Tips for Planning a Relaxing Staycation for Your Husband

In order to maintain a beautiful marriage, it’s wise to intentionally create magical experiences. It’s a great way to show your love for one another. In this case, you’ll have the awesome opportunity to put a smile on your husband’s face by planning an awesome staycation. He can take some tips from this list, when planning a special time for you too. As you plan, remember these tips.

1. Make it about him.
While it would be nice to plan a staycation for yourself, remember that this is for him. Whether it’s his birthday or an opportunity for him to relax after a stressful season at work, make it about him. Don’t assume that he’ll like to go shopping for new pairs of pumps. That’s your idea of a great time. In order to make sure that you accurately plan your itinerary, run it by him. Make sure the events are approved by your husband. If it’s a surprise staycation, make sure these activities are ones he’d really like to engage it.

2. Discover new experiences in the area.
It’s always nice to try new experiences and go to new places. Do an online search to find new activities you two can do together. Become a tourist in your own city. If you live in a metropolitan area, check out new places to eat. If there’s an exhibit, tour or play in town, get tickets to enjoy it.

3. Incorporate his favorite activities.
If he loves to spend time on the golf course, tee times near Downers Grove will be an important experience to schedule in. If he loves to watch football and eat pizza on a Sunday afternoon, reserve a hotel room. Order pizza and make sure the hotel room has a sweet recliner.

As long as you become intentional about creating the perfect staycation and consider your husband’s desires, you’ll be successful in surprising him. Keep these tips in mind as you plan. If you’re looking for a great time on the golf course, consider the Carriage Greens Country Club. The experience at Carriage Greens near Downers Grove is truly an experience to remember.

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