Why Consider a Dueling Piano Bar in Tempe for Your Night Out?

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Entertainment

There are plenty of options when it comes to enjoying a night on the town in Tempe. You could take in a movie. You could go to the theater. You might prefer a concert, or going out to dinner. With the wealth of opportunities available, why should you consider heading to a dueling piano bar in Tempe, instead? Actually, there are quite a few reasons!

Get Your Fun On

One reason that many people choose to go to a dueling piano bar in Tempe is this – you get all the entertainment you might want in a single location. Think that dueling piano bars are little more than fancy piano lounges of yesteryear? It’s time to rethink that notion. Sure, the underlying concept is the same – you’ve got a bar with piano music. It’s timeless and classic.

However, the fun is doubled here. There are two pianos, both being played at the same time. Each piano is played by a skilled musician and singer, too, plus the crowd gets to be involved. You can request songs, and even dance along. At times, the players will actually get the crowd on their feet all at the same time – the energy and fun are incredible.

Get Your Eat On

Another reason to consider making a dueling piano bar in Tempe your destination for a night out is that in addition to your entertainment, you can also get your food on. The right location can offer more than just standard pub fare, too. Look for a piano bar that can offer from-scratch, gourmet cooking to ensure that you’re able to enjoy really good food along with your fun. What sort of menu items should you see listed? Think buttermilk battered chicken sandwiches, baby back ribs, gourmet pizza, and an entire fry bar!

Get Your Drink On

Of course, at a piano bar, you can get your drink on. However, with the right dueling piano bar in Tempe, you can do more than just enjoy the basics. Sure, there will be a good beer selection and shots of your favorite drinks, but you should also have access to signature cocktails like the Low Rise, or a Cactus Cooler. Perhaps you’re more in the mood for a Cadillac Margarita, or a Pineapple Mule?

As you can see, there are tons of reasons to spend tonight with a dueling piano bar in Tempe. We can’t wait to see you down at Low Key Piano Bar!

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