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Tips for planning for the Ideal Country Club Wedding Reception in Chicago

Tips for planning for the Ideal Country Club Wedding Reception in Chicago

Although you know that country clubs are the perfect place to complete a round of golf, they are also perfect for wedding receptions. For many years, they have been popular locations for brides to celebrate their big day. You can use the beautifully manicured lawns and elegant ambiance to host your ideal garden party or you can party the night away in a grand ballroom. Here are tips for planning your ideal country club wedding reception in Wicker Park.

Ask For Assistance

When you have a vision of what your wedding reception should look like, you may want to arrange all the details yourself. However, to get your dream reception, you should not attempt the work on your own. Getting assistance with your plans is one of the best ways to ensure that your plan is carried out correctly. Also, this will keep you from feeling so stressed as you approach your big day. Speak with the wedding coordinator about your wedding reception near Wicker Park to ensure it happens the way you want.

Consider Your Guests

There are some country clubs that have relationships with vendors in the area because of the increased business the organization brings into the city. With these connections, they may be able to get your guests perks like special hotel rates or discounts with other businesses. To make the trip better family and friends coming to your wedding reception in Wicker Park, ask what benefits they could receive. You can also schedule times for them to enjoy a round of golf before or after your wedding.

Start planning a wedding reception near Wicker Park today with Carriage Greens Country Club by visiting their website today.

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