Truly “Hearing” The Music of a Jazz Female Vocalist

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Music

Not every female vocalist can transition from one genre and call themselves a Jazz female vocalist. Jazz is a sexy, fun genre but it is not easy. The right songstress will make it seem easy but that does not mean that it is.  A lot of people mistakenly believe that they have listened to jazz in a club or on stage and they have “heard” the music, the reality is really “hearing” depends on who you are listening too.  Music aficionados know that difference because they have heard the sound that escapes the lips of a female vocalist that has the ability to really bring the music to life.

It is all about the Talent- or Is It?
There are a lot of talented people that are never developed. The talent can be there but if it has not been developed and honed than you can bank on an experience that is marginally impressive but nothing that will leave you wowed.  This genre is fun, sexy and a good time all rolled up into an exciting package but it does require training and commitment. The goal of any vocalist is to make it all look easy and natural but believe it the singers that are considered most talented and that really take “hearing” Jazz up a notch are well-heeled professionals that know how to make it look like they are just having the best time bringing their tunes to the audience.

When you want to really hear the sound you have to listen to a singer that offers a combination of:
*Natural talent
*Committed training

The right vocalist is born with the type of voice that makes jazz what it is but natural talent is not enough.  There is an element of dedication to perfecting the craft that has to be present. There is a drive that some people have to affect the best sound that they can that and bring it to their audience. That drive, that willingness to give 100% to the music is rare but it is a very important part of the listening experience. You can tell when you come across an artist that brings that level of commitment to the music.

If You Haven’t Really Heard, You Should Listen
There are a few songstress that can really bring it. If you have not been impressed lately you are not listening to the right artists. Give it a second chance and listen to an artist that can bring it each and every time.

Sylvia Brooks is one of the most talented Jazz female vocalists. You have not really “heard” jazz until you hear Sylvia! Take a listen today!

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