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5 Tips for Applying to NAAB Accredited Architecture Schools in Chicago

5 Tips for Applying to NAAB Accredited Architecture Schools in Chicago

Are you considering applying to an architecture school? If so, this blog post is for you! This guide will give you tips that can help make sure your application stands out and gets noticed. NAAB accredited architecture schools are very competitive, so it’s important to put in the time and effort now if you want to get accepted.

Know the Program Requirements

Architecture programs have different admissions criteria based on their unique strengths and weaknesses; be sure to research what those are before submitting your application. For example, some schools may require a portfolio while others don’t care much about it.

Make a Strong Personal Statement

A good personal statement should be concise (no more than one page), compelling, honest, and well-written.

Make sure to include examples of your design skills and creativity, as well as any outside interests that relate to your career goals in architecture (like carpentry or engineering). Showing a faculty member who inspired you is also an effective way to stand out – it speaks volumes about the candidate’s motivation level!

Be Sure to Include Both Sketches and Digital Renderings in Your Portfolio

Sketches show your design process and creativity, while digital renderings help demonstrate that you are able to manage the technical aspects of architectural work.

Include links to or snapshots of any projects on which you were a lead designer – this will also give admissions officers an idea of what kinds of opportunities they may offer if accepted.

If you’re looking to apply to NAAB accredited architecture schools visit School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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