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Plan Your Fabulous Wedding Reception in the Chicago Suburbs for Less

Plan Your Fabulous Wedding Reception in the Chicago Suburbs for Less

Wedding receptions have long been costly to entertain and feed a huge crowd of guests. Some couples simply do not have the expected amount of on-hand funds to pay for those extravagant wedding reception expenses. Learn how to plan your fabulous upcoming wedding reception in the Chicago suburbs for far less money than most would expect.

A Convenient 5 1/2 Hour Premium Open Bar Included in Deal

Many people are unaware of the increased expense of having an open bar during the reception requires. One incredible and reasonably priced wedding venue offers a top-notch open bar that operates for 5 1/2 hours during the reception. The costs for this service are already included in the specific wedding package deal chosen. This bar can be accompanied by a family-style dinner or plated meal that is also included in the overall package price for a wedding reception in the Chicago suburbs.

The Surrounding Lush Green Golf Course Makes Lovely Outdoor Photos

The lush and green lawns that of this lavishly beautiful golf course make for a lovely backdrop for exquisite wedding day pictures. This is a terrific option whether planning an outdoor wedding or an indoor celebration. This scenic background is ideal for capturing your special day on film to enjoy and cherish for a lifetime.

Where to Plan Your Wedding Reception in the Chicago Suburbs

Schedule an appointment to discuss your future wedding day plans with an experienced team of wedding planners happy to help set up the ideal wedding day celebration. Contact Carriage Greens Country Club via the website.

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