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Architecture as a form of fine arts:

Architecture as a form of fine arts:

ArchitectureThe word architecture has various meanings. It can denote a process, a profession and even documentation. Architecture is a process when it refers to the activity of designing and constructing buildings and other physical structures.

What is architecture? In a broad sense, architecture is the process of designing any kind of system. It becomes a profession, when it is used to define the role of people or machines providing architectural services. Architecture may also be about documentation when it refers to the drawings that define the structure of a building, or any kind of system being constructed.

Origin of Architecture: Architecture as a form of fine arts has its origin in the ancient times. The requirements of groups of people like families, schools, churches contributed to the growth of architecture. Architects deal with volume, space, form, mass, texture, structure as well as shadow materials and light. While keeping in mind the aesthetic aspect, the main aim of the architects is to make a cost effective, functional and economical design with the creative manipulation of available materials. They are usually done with the help of mathematical and scientific calculations.

Cultural Aspect of Fine Arts: There is another aspect of architecture. This is however, extremely abstract. It depends on cultural outlook. In some culture, architecture is considered from various senses, including sight, smell, and hearing. Architects can create special atmosphere inside building according to various requirements.

Some interesting examples: There are many renowned monuments which have stood the test of time. They include the famous pyramids in Egypt and the mighty colosseum which are the symbols of culture and value. They continue to attract millions of people and stand as testimony to the advancement of human civilization down the ages.

Modern Form: Until the late 19th century, architecture was not professionalized. The ability to build was not seen as a special skill. The role of the architects is constantly changing. The skills of the architects are used to manipulate the rich resources into functional form, which would benefit mankind. Nowadays, it is mandatory for architects to go through a formal process of training and an exhaustive educational course. The earliest written work on architecture is De Architectura, which was written by the Roman architect Vesuvius. The main work of the architect is to add durability, beauty and utility to the product which he or she creates. Art Gallery online has an exhaustive range of the architectural designs.

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