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Film as a form of fine arts:

Posted by on Nov, 2011 in Art | Comments Off on Film as a form of fine arts:

The concept of fine arts is wide and open. Filmmaking is generally associated with drama, choreography, actors and actresses. It is a process of telling a story with the help of visuals, beginning with an initial idea or a script. Film making involves a lot of preparation, without which a film would be a meaningless compendium of images and sound. A large number of advanced technologies are involved in the process. Many people consider film making to be a complete art, because it uses visuals as well as sound. Probably that’s why films are the most popular form of arts, all over the world. The process of filmmaking involves many different steps, they are as follows: Step 1- development: This is the first step of filmmaking, which involves writing of the script. The script is written in such a...

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Dance as a form of fine arts:

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Dance is a form of performing arts which is based upon the creative and rhythmic movements of the body. Generally dancing is accompanied by rhythmic background music. Various expressions relevant to the subject of the dance are conveyed through facial expressions or limb movement. Dance, in older days was a form of expression between humans and animals. It was and still is a type of non verbal communication. Nowadays, synchronized forms of any performing arts like swimming, karate, gymnastics and even skating and sports are regarded as forms of dance. Dance can only be defined while considering social, cultural, aesthetic, artistic and moral aspects of the society in which it is performed. It can be participatory, public or performed for spectators. Dance can also be ceremonial or even erotic. In some forms of dance, there is no meaning as...

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Assessing your talent for fine arts

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Talent is inborn. It is the special ability in a person, which is a gift of god that an individual cannot create on his own. It surfaces with the help of interest, practice and discipline. You can assess your abilities related to fine arts with the help of the following tips: Tip1 What sort of person are you?   There are two kinds of people. One is creative and the other is technically oriented. If you have a certain romanticism within you, then you may have the talent, which would help you become successful in the field of fine arts. The romantic aptitude is a virtue, by means of which, you can redefine natural elements, with the colors of your imagination. Every single object in this universe is colorful, but these colors are not perceived in the same way...

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Architecture as a form of fine arts:

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The word architecture has various meanings. It can denote a process, a profession and even documentation. Architecture is a process when it refers to the activity of designing and constructing buildings and other physical structures. What is architecture? In a broad sense, architecture is the process of designing any kind of system. It becomes a profession, when it is used to define the role of people or machines providing architectural services. Architecture may also be about documentation when it refers to the drawings that define the structure of a building, or any kind of system being constructed. Origin of Architecture: Architecture as a form of fine arts has its origin in the ancient times. The requirements of groups of people like families, schools, churches contributed to the growth of architecture. Architects deal with volume, space, form, mass, texture, structure...

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Bingo is the most loved family game

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Bingo is one of the best loved family games in the world.  Bingo is played by families and others all over the world during festive occasions or family celebrations. In order to play bingo, you must know its rules and nuances in order to appreciate the game better. Bingo can be played by any number of people and has a set number of rules that need to be understood. To play Bingo, all you need is a group of people and a host. The host will hand out various tickets to the players and then will call out various random numbers from the box. The players are to pay attention to the numbers called and have to check off the numbers that are on their tickets.  Once certain lines of numbers have been checked off, the player has to...

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