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If You Want to Reach a Diverse Audience, Advertise on Podcasts

Posted by on May, 2015 in Events | Comments Off on If You Want to Reach a Diverse Audience, Advertise on Podcasts

When the mp3 player was introduced to the marketplace, many radio listeners thought this new device would cause the radio to become obsolete. However, the notion was misleading as listeners now enjoy more customized listening experiences, whether it is through satellite radio coverage or via the Internet. In fact, listeners of the radio online now number in the neighborhood of 70 million monthly. A Superior Way to Obtain Coverage You can also advertise on podcasts, which originate from the Internet, and send your message to radio listeners as mp3 aficionados. You can sync podcast advertising on mp3 players and phones as well as PCs. Therefore, if you want to reach a diverse audience online and through satellite coverage, you only need to set aside money to advertise on podcasts through direct response satellite advertising or through national radio ad...

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Investing in Memories

Posted by on Sep, 2012 in Photography | Comments Off on Investing in Memories

There is no doubt that weddings today are expensive. In Austin, the average wedding can be as expensive as 27,000 dollars. Not everyone has this kind of money to spend on a celebration, but weddings are still important. They are special moments that commemorate the start of a new life, when two people start a new family together. This raises the question of what kinds of things should be prioritized when thinking about throwing a wedding together on a budget. Many people might think of the cake or venue, but quality wedding photography can be one of the most important investments a bride and groom can make. Wedding photography is defined by high quality pictures taken by a professional photographer, often someone who specializes in important events like weddings. People in Austin who specialize in wedding photography often have...

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The Steady Growth Of Free Music Online

Posted by on Jul, 2012 in Music | Comments Off on The Steady Growth Of Free Music Online

The music industry has been completely revamped by the growth of the Internet. If one delves deep into this subject, then social networking sites have helped a large number of artists reach out to listeners all around the world. Free music online is a common sight, and is one way by which artists can build up a larger listener base. A few years ago, the foundation for the online music revolution was starting off on a small scale. Quite a few international artists had begun to distribute parts of their music for free, and this was creating ripples throughout the industry. The concept of giving away something for free has always been around, but the music industry had yet to witness it in a great manner. However, as time passed by, more and more musicians were thinking about free...

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Why Pay for a Professional Piano Mover in Houston?

Posted by on Apr, 2012 in Entertainment | Comments Off on Why Pay for a Professional Piano Mover in Houston?

Most of us carry in our heads at least one comical scenario like this one: a full-size upright piano being hoisted by a system of ropes and pulleys high above the sidewalk. Along comes the unsuspecting slapstick victim, who conveniently stops directly below to consult a map or perhaps check a wristwatch. A couple of snapped lines later, the hapless foil emerges from a tangle of wood and wire, his head perhaps encircled by a few twittering birds. It’s funny enough in cartoons, but Houston piano owners should be aware that transporting one of these instruments is no joke. As professional piano movers know well, theirs is a job with considerable risks to person and property alike. The U.S. Department of Labor keeps careful statistics pertaining to work-related injuries and fatalities. In 2010, the industry with the highest number...

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