Plays In Chicago-You Have Not Seen Anything Like This!

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Art

Plays in Chicago are fun but frankly if you have seen one play, you know the routine. Sit, watch, intermission, sit some more, ending, of course it is not a bad thing to see a play but when you are ready for something that is a little outside the box of your average stage show there is something that you have to see.

Improv Makes a Difference

Sometimes the average theater experience just does not cut it when it comes to the wow factor. You need a little something extra to make the show memorable. The improv does just that. Whether you are watching a play about the history of one of the most famous improv clubs on the planet or you are attending a cutting edge performance that is sans political correctness by the Thomas Brothers the wow is always on point and ready to entertain you like you have never been entertained before.

Why Improv Theater

Improv is truly an art. The timing has to be perfect, the words have to be chosen perfectly and it has to all happen on the fly. In that moment on stage you really get to see people perfect their art. It is a genre like no other so it produces shows like no other.

The Theater

Part of the play essence of any play is the theater that it is performed in. The exceptional theater is:

  • Historically significant
  • Hosted the legends
  • Furthered the art

If you are going to spend tickets to see a play you might as well make sure that it is worth the cost. There is one theater in Chi town that is legendary, that offers an experience not just a show. This is The Second City. Don’t settle for the same, see something extraordinary.

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