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Sculpture as a form of fine arts

Sculpture as a form of fine arts

Sculpture Fine ArtsA sculpture is a three dimensional figure which is created with the help of plastic materials. The most commonly used material is stone. Sculpture is regarded as a form of fine arts, and is also referred to as plastic arts. This is because the material used in sculpting is molded and welded into various shapes according to requirements. There are various forms of sculpture. They are standing sculpture, jewelry, relief, kinetic sculpture, statue, bust and equestrian statue.

Use of bronze, marble, limestone: Sculptors down the ages have used various metals like bronze, marble, limestone for their art. Moreover, precious stones such as gold, silver and jade, have also been widely used for this purpose. Modern form of sculpture utilizes automobile parts, tools, car parts and hardware. Some sculptors use Plaster of Paris for their work.

Earliest known sculpture: The earliest known sculpture was discovered in the Indus Valley. Some traces of ancient sculpture were also found in the Mohenjodaro site. They clearly show the ancient Indian rock art culture. Most of the ancient rock cultures prevailed in modern Afghanistan and modern Pakistan.

Chinese sculpture; The Han Dynasty of ancient China is also a huge resource of old architectural remnants. Decorative figures have been excavated from various sites in China. Carbon dating has put their age around the time of the Tang Dynasty, which existed during the golden age of China.

African sculpture: The African sculpture is distinguished by elongated shapes and other characteristic features. They include angular human faces, which are mostly geometrical in shape and form. Art gallery online has various forms of African, European as well as Greek sculpture in display.

Greek Sculpture; The topic of nudity as expounded by famous Greek sculptors like Michelangelo has attracted mass attention. Michelangelo’s David is still regarded as a wonder with its excellent physique. Most of the ancient Greek deities were portrayed in their nudity. The Vatican collection of Greek sculpture is an object of admiration for the audience. The designs are unique and stylish.

Gothic Sculpture: In the royal Roman cathedrals, the Gothic form of ancient sculpture is noticeable. It clearly shows the classical influence. The Renaissance sculpture is one of the most vibrant forms of art. Michelangelo belongs to this period.

The Mannerist influence in sculpture: The Mannerist period of architecture saw the priceless creation of Giambologna’s “Abduction of Sabine Women”. A dynamic movement in the human body is noticeable in the Baroque culture. King Zygmunt is one of the classical creations of this period. Modern form of sculpture is committed to naturalism however it also has a touch of ancient classicism as well.

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