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Why You Should Get a Masters Degree in Textiles to Advance Your Career

Why You Should Get a Masters Degree in Textiles to Advance Your Career

Some people have heard about textile design, but don’t really understand what it is about. Maybe you have seen this type of degree program in a college catalog at some point. If it sounded even remotely interesting, you should consider enrolling in a program leading to a master in textile. This type of degree will help you become a textile designer in the near future.

Participate in Change

Those who want a career that will make real change in the world should seriously think about a master in textile. These professionals are finding it necessary to come up with new ideas for sustainable textiles and fashion. Use your expertise to incorporate eco-friendly materials into new products. In this sense, you’ll be able to help potential customers, and the world at large.

A Look at the Skills

You can acquire a number of different skills by learning textile design. You’ll start off learning how to think like a designer, but you’ll also accomplish a lot more. The school environment teaches you team work, communication, project management and marketing. In the end, you’ll be a well rounded business professional that is ready to tackle any project.

Summarizing the Benefits

You can already see that there are many advantages to studying in the textiles field. Whether you want to become an entrepreneur, freelance designer or a commercial designer, this education will suit you well. Get started on your creative journey as soon as possible.

If you would like more information about getting a degree in textiles, contact School of the Art Institute of Chicago by visiting

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