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Truly “Hearing” The Music of a Jazz Female Vocalist

Posted by on Mar, 2016 in Music | Comments Off on Truly “Hearing” The Music of a Jazz Female Vocalist

Not every female vocalist can transition from one genre and call themselves a Jazz female vocalist. Jazz is a sexy, fun genre but it is not easy. The right songstress will make it seem easy but that does not mean that it is.  A lot of people mistakenly believe that they have listened to jazz in a club or on stage and they have “heard” the music, the reality is really “hearing” depends on who you are listening too.  Music aficionados know that difference because they have heard the sound that escapes the lips of a female vocalist that has the ability to really bring the music to life. It is all about the Talent- or Is It? There are a lot of talented people that are never developed. The talent can be there but if it has not...

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Modern Day Female Jazz Vocalists

Posted by on Jan, 2016 in Music | Comments Off on Modern Day Female Jazz Vocalists

Even though pop/rock vocalists take over the airwaves as well as the TV, jazz music is still alive and kicking. There are quite a few female vocal artists in the modern day music industry, that are still influenced by traditional female jazz artists. Even though you hear mostly R&B in today’s influences, there are some popular and well-known female vocalists that let that amazing and sultry jazz sound slip out from time to time. Some even perform jazz on a full-time basis. Norah Jones Norah Jones is one of the most popular female jazz singers of today’s modern age. She has sold more than 50 million records all over the world, and has won many awards, including Grammys. Her debut album Come Away with Me was critically acclaimed and commercially successful as her blend of jazz, pop, and country...

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Should a Small Business Owner Hire a Video Production Company in Baltimore?

Posted by on Sep, 2015 in Arts and Entertainment | Comments Off on Should a Small Business Owner Hire a Video Production Company in Baltimore?

Some small business owners do not believe they can afford the type of advertising that larger companies can manage with ease. The fact is that just about any type of advertising corporation uses can be managed by a small business operation. Take the example of hiring a Video Production Company in Baltimore for a marketing effort. Here are some examples of how doing so will help that small business owner attract more customers. Creating a Brand In the business world, a brand is another way of creating a reputation among consumers. When they hear the name of the company, images of the products offered immediately come to mind. By working with a Video Production Company in Baltimore to help build that brand, it is possible to reach out to customers using all sorts of media. For example, think of...

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Steps to Follow When Searching for Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Posted by on Sep, 2015 in Events | Comments Off on Steps to Follow When Searching for Custom Trade Show Exhibits

When a business owner wants to participate in an industry related trade show or event, they will need to develop their own exhibits. These exhibits need to catch the attention of visitors. In order to make the strongest possible impact the business owner should consider using custom trade show exhibits. Start by listing all of the firms that specialize in creating these custom trade show exhibits. When the entrepreneur has collected the names of these companies they will need to spend a few minutes screening all of them in detail before any decisions can be made. Visit the website that belongs to the custom trade show exhibits manufacturer and find out how long they have been providing these services. Do target organizations that have been in operation for a considerable number of years, so they have enough experience to...

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The Standards: Singers, songs

Posted by on Aug, 2015 in Music | Comments Off on The Standards: Singers, songs

The Great American Songbook contains nearly all the songs that have become standards throughout the last century. What is a standard? It is song of such perfection and potential that other songs and singers might be measured against it in the same way we measure one vintage wine against another. Both are near perfect; both are different and each improves our appreciation of the other. So it is with Female Jazz Vocalists. Since the beginning of the 20th century, these women have done the songs of the American songbook and each of their jazz performances have given new meanings, new possibilities, new approaches to the song and to its presentation. These singers “inform” each other every time they sing and in doing so they create their own standards beyond the standards of the songbook. Their presentations, captured in recordings,...

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