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Working With a Party Planner to Create a Hot Private Party in Tempe, AZ

Working With a Party Planner to Create a Hot Private Party in Tempe, AZ

Whether it’s for friends and family or a corporate event, if you handle planning a private party in Tempe, AZ, you want it to be memorable without going over your budget. You need to choose a venue, select the food, plan the entertainment, and coordinate the decor. If you start by selecting the venue, you can receive help with your party from the event planners at that locale.


Choosing the venue will be your most important choice. The venue should have the right atmosphere for your event, and you should feel comfortable with the ideas of the event planners. Ask your friends for venue recommendations. You also can read reviews online. Then, call the venue and talk to the event planners. When you call, you should be able to tell them the type of event you are planning, the date, the number of people you are inviting, any ideas you are considering, and your budget. Let them know that this is a preliminary conversation to help you choose a venue. Take notes that you can review. From these calls, select the venue, and then, work with them to plan the food, the entertainment, and the décor that creates the event you imagined while staying within your budget.


The food is the most essential element. First, you need to decide whether you want appetizers, finger foods, a sit-down dinner, a buffet, or desserts. You need to have enough food for all your guests, and you need some variety to satisfy the tastes of your guests. You should also consider whether you need dishes for guests who are vegetarians or vegans or who need Gluten-free food. The venue’s event planner will be able to help you make choices that fit in your budget.


Entertainment can range from live entertainment to a disc jockey to recorded music or just relying on guests mixing and interacting. This is an area that is secondary to the food. You also can plan a schedule of activities that involves the guests as a group in place of entertainment. You shouldn’t feel that your event will fail unless you opt for entertainment that is beyond your budget. Review the options that are within your budget, check online reviews and choose the one with the most favorable reviews that supply the best fit for both your event and your budget.


The décor can be simple, and it doesn’t have to be costly. It’s the backdrop for your event, not the star. The event planner knows their locale. They can suggest basic decor and add to it if you want to do so and your budget allows.

If you are planning a private party in Tempe, AZ, contact the Low Key Piano Bar at 480-355-1705.

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