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Top 5 Bollywood Movies of 2013 Based on Box Office Receipts

Posted by on Dec, 2013 in Entertainment | Comments Off on Top 5 Bollywood Movies of 2013 Based on Box Office Receipts

For Bollywood movies, 2013 was a great year, with some wonderful movies coming out. Though there were certainly a lot of movies that made headlines this year, some of them went above and beyond, making a name for themselves in Bollywood history by being named one of the top Bollywood movies of 2013. When you look at box office receipts up to the time of this writing and what people spent at theatres, the following were the top 5: #5 – “Race 2” Though the 2013 film, “Race 2” was not a movie that critics loved, moviegoers seemed to like it enough to spend an estimated 96.34 crore on the film. The film, released in January, stared Saif Ali Khan, Anil Kapoor and John Abraham. “Race 2” is the continuing story of “Race”, the 208 film. “Race 2” follows...

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E3 Expo 2013

Posted by on May, 2013 in Art, Entertainment | Comments Off on E3 Expo 2013

The E3 Expo is the commonly known name for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, usually held in the Los Angeles Convention Center—when in California—and will contain the usual main hall exhibitions and games rooms where players can exchange idea, play demos and see new and upcoming releases. Since the rebalancing of the main halls in 2012 major third party games publishers are now featured in the West Hall, whereas the major exhibitioners such as Microsoft are now in the West Hall. Huge companies and console makers are all encouraged to attend this type of exhibition because it gives them extra exposure to the gaming community and collectors and game players from around the world. Apart from the exhibitions halls with stands and vendors, there are also a massive group of meeting rooms or office type spaces installed. These are usually...

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Website Film Production In Columbia

Posted by on Apr, 2013 in Entertainment | Comments Off on Website Film Production In Columbia

In this age of the information superhighway, everyone has a website. But how do you set yourself apart from all of the other people out there? One of the new ways to do just that is to add interesting content to your site such as videos, commercials, web casts and even live demonstration videos. These videos give your website content that pops and keeps people interested in your product which means more money and customers for you in the long run. Film Production Columbia area can be just what you need to make your website pop. Website owners are always looking for ways to get their brand out there. Many people do want to buy things online but they may be apprehensive due to not being able to see and touch the product themselves. That is where Film Production...

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Decoration – An Important Aspect for Bachelorette Party in Vegas

Posted by on Aug, 2012 in Entertainment | Comments Off on Decoration – An Important Aspect for Bachelorette Party in Vegas

Vegas is considered as one of the best destinations for throwing a bachelorette party. Planning for the bachelorette parties is not a difficult task at all. Only thing is that you need to focus on some important points as you would not want a small mistake to hamper your preparations for the party. Proper strategies would help you in setting the party plans just the way you have desired. While planning for a party, you need to think on your budget first. Usually the cost of bachelorette party is being handled by would-be bride. However, there are cases when the party is being given by other friends of the bride. Therefore, if you are running out of your budget, you can ask your friends for assisting you. They would not hesitate because they are more interested in such kinds...

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Why Pay for a Professional Piano Mover in Houston?

Posted by on Apr, 2012 in Entertainment | Comments Off on Why Pay for a Professional Piano Mover in Houston?

Most of us carry in our heads at least one comical scenario like this one: a full-size upright piano being hoisted by a system of ropes and pulleys high above the sidewalk. Along comes the unsuspecting slapstick victim, who conveniently stops directly below to consult a map or perhaps check a wristwatch. A couple of snapped lines later, the hapless foil emerges from a tangle of wood and wire, his head perhaps encircled by a few twittering birds. It’s funny enough in cartoons, but Houston piano owners should be aware that transporting one of these instruments is no joke. As professional piano movers know well, theirs is a job with considerable risks to person and property alike. The U.S. Department of Labor keeps careful statistics pertaining to work-related injuries and fatalities. In 2010, the industry with the highest number...

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Different kinds of video production techniques for diverse communication needs

Posted by on Nov, 2011 in Entertainment | Comments Off on Different kinds of video production techniques for diverse communication needs

Different people mean different communication requirements. A corporate film meant exclusively for CEOs and senior management cannot be shown to a college-goer. That poor chap may not even understand what’s being shown. An experienced video production specialist understands his audience first and then proceeds with recording, sound editing and other related functions. These days, it has become increasingly important for businesses to showcase what they have accomplished in the past, their present situation and the future forecast. Not just business, the need to shoot an appropriate film or documentary for non-profit activities like fund-raising, corporate social responsibility and other social causes further reiterates the importance of quality production and post-production professionals for different purposes. Videos add more life to your message Similarly, job seekers need to make the desired impression on prospective recruiters and some even upload their videos...

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