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Jazz Vocalists: Tips From The Greats

Posted by on Nov, 2014 in Music | Comments Off on Jazz Vocalists: Tips From The Greats

Have you ever longed to have a similar musical style to that of the greats? Do Billie Holiday’s notes make your soul shiver? Does Nat King Cole inspire you to keep learning more about music even on your most discouraging days? If so, then you can pull up a seat and feel welcome among the very large number of people who aspire to similar goals. Take a look at the information below to pick up a few tips and tricks of the jazz trade so you can identify yourself with the greatest jazz vocalists of all time. Listen, Listen, and Listen Again Many people are surprised by how simple the most important piece of advice is when it comes to honing your jazz vocal skills. Are you ready for this? Listen. Listening to the greats is a great way...

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The Steady Growth Of Free Music Online

Posted by on Jul, 2012 in Music | Comments Off on The Steady Growth Of Free Music Online

The music industry has been completely revamped by the growth of the Internet. If one delves deep into this subject, then social networking sites have helped a large number of artists reach out to listeners all around the world. Free music online is a common sight, and is one way by which artists can build up a larger listener base. A few years ago, the foundation for the online music revolution was starting off on a small scale. Quite a few international artists had begun to distribute parts of their music for free, and this was creating ripples throughout the industry. The concept of giving away something for free has always been around, but the music industry had yet to witness it in a great manner. However, as time passed by, more and more musicians were thinking about free...

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