How to prepare for your headshots

by | Jun 15, 2015 | Photography

Headshots are items that can help get you jobs in the professional market.  If you are an actor, dancer, model or any number of other things, you will need headshots to help get your foot in the door.  Before you get your professional headshots taken, you will want to do some preparation work.

Before you get your headshots taken, make sure you examine your face, hair, and eyebrows to see if any minor adjustments need to be made.  You need to look your best and that might mean plucking your eyebrows or trimming your hair.  If you plan to do any hair removal or waxing, make sure you do so 2-3 days in advance so you do not have any redness or irritation showing on your skin.

The focus of the picture will likely be your face, but make sure your nails are neat and nice in case the are in the shot as well.  If you plan to pose barefoot, make sure your feet look healthy as well.  If you plan to smile and show your teeth, you might want to have then whitened if they are at all discolored.

Three days before the shoot, make sure you know all the details.  Find out where you are supposed to go and the route you will take.  Also ask the photographer for tips to prepare for the shoot.  If you are working with a hairstylist or make-up artist, make sure those people know how to get to the location as well.  This is not the time to prepare the items you will take with you to the shoot.

Two days before the shoot, drink plenty of water and eat in a healthy manner.  Do not allow your skin much sun exposure and avoid things that will stain your teeth.  It is a good idea to avoid greasy, salty, and fatty foods because these things could cause you to look and feel bloated.

The night before you get your headshots taken, assemble everything you want to take with you so you are not in a rush the next morning.  Just before the shoot, eat a light meal so you have energy and focus.  Take some water and snacks along with you to keep you going during the session.  Make sure the items of clothing and jewelry you have chosen to wear complement you and are not too wild or overbearing.  Solid colors are best with no distractions.  Darker colors are generally better and it is never a good idea to dress as a character or in a costume.  You want anyone who sees your headshots to be able to see you in a number of different roles.  You are more likely to be chosen if those looking at your picture can see you in a variety of ways.

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