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Film as a form of fine arts:

Film as a form of fine arts:

Film ArtsThe concept of fine arts is wide and open. Filmmaking is generally associated with drama, choreography, actors and actresses. It is a process of telling a story with the help of visuals, beginning with an initial idea or a script. Film making involves a lot of preparation, without which a film would be a meaningless compendium of images and sound. A large number of advanced technologies are involved in the process. Many people consider film making to be a complete art, because it uses visuals as well as sound. Probably that’s why films are the most popular form of arts, all over the world.

The process of filmmaking involves many different steps, they are as follows:

Step 1- development: This is the first step of filmmaking, which involves writing of the script. The script is written in such a way that it becomes a sort of a blueprint for the proposed film.

Step 2- Pre-Production: The next step is the pre-production. In this step, preparations are made for shooting the film. The cast and crew are hired and the required locations are decided. Sets are built according to the requirements of the script. A production budget is planned and the crew and cast are hired according to this budget. The shooting plan is also chalked out at this stage.

Step 3- Production: This step involves the shooting of the film. The cast and the crew go to the different locations and sets and shoot various sequences according to the script. The director of the film is like the captain of the ship, he guides the cast and the crew about their work. The actors are instructed by the director about the kind of performance he wants from them, while the technical are instructed about the kind of visual or sound effects that are required.

Step 4- Post Production: This step involves putting together all the different sequences in a proper order and editing out shots that do not seem important. This process is called editing. This step also involves integration of sound effects and music into the film. Nowadays films are increasingly relying on special effects: this is the step where the desired visual effects are created and then digitally inserted in to the film. Finally the original camera film or negative is developed to get the master print, from which the desired number of copies is made. These copies are meant to be sent of to various theatres for screening.

Step 5-Sales and distribution: In this step the film is screened for the potential buyers. It is picked up by the distributors who agree to its price. The distributors then distribute the film in their regions and screen them.

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