Fine Arts in Modern Life

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Art

Fine Arts in Modern LifeModern life is a melting pot of human cultures; add to that the influence of globalization and capitalism. The emotions associated with modern life are highly refined yet they are difficult to express. Fine arts provide the channel which helps express these complex emotions of modern life. There are certain distinctive features of the modern form of fine arts. They are the following:

Mainly Abstract: The modern form of fine arts is largely abstract. Modern day emotions can be expressed well with the help of abstract paintings or images. These abstract works of art characteristically refer to multiple viewpoints and emotions at the same time. The modern world, where the flux always converges, can be best represented by overlapping colors. This is why abstract forms of painting have become very popular all over the world.

Dance Forms: The modern form of dance can be chaotic, representing the subsurface disturbance of the present day world. It is rhythmic at the same time; but the soothing charm of the older forms of dance is not present in them. Dance is usually accompanied by songs and music. The dance sequences usually represent various moods.

Songs: Modern day songs are based on many different emotions. They express joy, angst sorrow, protest and more, in conventional, as well as non-conventional forms. The songs may speak about life and society; they may simply be created with the purpose of entertainment. There are completely nonsensical songs as well.

Painting as a modern form of art: Painting has evolved through the ages, changing and adapting to the spirit of every age. Painting is a very good instrument of abstract art. An unacquainted eye may find it difficult to understand the real motive behind abstract paintings. For that, one needs to have deep insight into the subject and also understand the meaning of colors, their significance.

Drama as a form of modern art: Expression does not have a better vehicle than drama itself. It is a form of expression, where the actors enact the role of the character of a play. This is done with a high level of skill which makes drama a form of performing arts. Modern drama is drenched in psychological conflicts which people face all along their lives and is very different from the drama of the earlier days.

There has been a revolution in the fine arts, after the outbreak of the World Wars. Fine arts became more complex and self-expressive.

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