New York Broadway Show Reviews Where Your Voice Can be Heard

by | Oct 15, 2013 | Art

It happens more often than we’d like to think; we spend our hard-earned money to get tickets to that Broadway show that the critics are raving about, only to come home disappointed and decidedly not entertained. We sometimes wonder what show the critics were watching, because our experience was the polar opposite of theirs. The other side of that coin is equally frustrating; we find a show we truly love and we tell our friends and co-workers about it, but the critics pan it and it closes before they even have a chance to check it out. Reviews of New York Broadway show by professional critics aren’t always on the same page as the rest of the audience. Well, there is a remedy for that and you can become part of it.

What is needed is an online forum for average theatergoers, where they can voice their thoughts and opinions on various aspects of currently-playing shows. That way even the average guy on the street can give his views and they may be much more in line with those of other theater lovers’. A forum like this can save a lot of time and money by letting us see what others think of a play and using the consensus opinion to help decide where we want to spend our money and invest a few hours of our lives.

An online site could also have the reviewers identify their backgrounds so that individuals have an idea of who is doing the reviews. People in a particular set of circumstances tend to give more credence to others in similar circumstances. Parents tend to listen more to other parents, and individuals of a certain age tend to pay more attention to others in their age bracket. It would increase the chances that your take on a play and theirs will be very similar.

Reviewers could give overall impressions of a show, but could also break it down into their feelings about the cast, the music, choreography, if any, and sets. And in addition to the reviews, the forum could also include a chat capability so that theater lovers can communicate directly with one another regarding Broadway or off-Broadway plays they’ve experienced.

This forum could become the ultimate social fan site for theater audiences and could actually have a say in the future of plays. The time is now; find a site and make your voice heard.

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