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Searching for Modern Still Life Paintings

Searching for Modern Still Life Paintings

Do you love art? Many people love art for it’s beauty and it’s value. Art can be anything from a simple painting, or a complex display of human emotions and opinion. Much of the history of a culture can be traced back to its art, making art a very important part of the overall human identity. When people begin to collect art pieces and display them in their home, they will tend to try to get art that is all of the same style. There are many different styles of art, as each culture and each generation create their own forms of it, so finding a styles that fits and looks good in your home is very important. One style of painting that is becoming popular are the Modern Still Life Paintings.

Modern Still Life Art Paintings are a unique style of painting. A still life painting is painted in the style of the study of inanimate objects. Many of these types of paintings are of everyday objects that you would encounter, like a plant, a soup can, fruit and vegetables and many others. Perhaps more importantly than that, however, is the strong degree of control that an artist can have over their work. The different things that make up the total picture can be rearranged by the artist at will. If you want to move the lighting or whatever, you can do what you want with your picture and you have that freedom. Still life painting is seen as a mostly pure art form, though some see it as a bit abstract. Even though still life painting can have its roots traced back to the ancient Egyptians, it was the 17th century Dutch painters who really caused the genre to come into its own. In the 20th century, technological innovations have created art movements like cubism and pop art.

If you are interested in still life paintings, there are many different artists and styles to choose from. Find the pieces that you most closely identify with and speaks to your identity. There are many different pieces to look at, so have fun doing your research and looking at all the beautiful art.

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