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Architecture as a form of fine arts:

Posted by on Nov, 2011 in Art | Comments Off on Architecture as a form of fine arts:

The word architecture has various meanings. It can denote a process, a profession and even documentation. Architecture is a process when it refers to the activity of designing and constructing buildings and other physical structures. What is architecture? In a broad sense, architecture is the process of designing any kind of system. It becomes a profession, when it is used to define the role of people or machines providing architectural services. Architecture may also be about documentation when it refers to the drawings that define the structure of a building, or any kind of system being constructed. Origin of Architecture: Architecture as a form of fine arts has its origin in the ancient times. The requirements of groups of people like families, schools, churches contributed to the growth of architecture. Architects deal with volume, space, form, mass, texture, structure...

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